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5.0 out of 5 stars Enticingly, engagingly (s)exciting . . . Wow!!!, September 7, 2012

What an amazingly exciting . . . I should say SEXciting . . . surprise!!! The first book I’ve ever found through a Facebook recommendation, this short-story has, like any wonderfully unexpected spontaneous-liaison, left me gasping for more!!!
And surprise after surprise follows with each page! Right from our Gigolo’s first encounter in a scenario hitherto of no appeal to me, the text is so descriptive that I felt my hips sliding further forward in my chair and my thighs uncontrollably twitching with each paragraph. And Ollie’s recovery before his next encounter was far quicker than my own (I had to pause at the end of that chapter, recompose myself and straighten up in my chair, before clicking to the next page!)
“Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One” ended too quickly for me and yet, for my health and well-being at the time of reading, it probably ended at just the right moment in time.
Suffice to say that I am, squirmingly impatient . . . and desperately in need of . . . “Volume Two”.
I recommend, NO that should be, I DARE YOU to download and devour NOW to see exactly what I mean.
Katie Ellison (aka Modesty Ablaze)

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