Passport to Passion

I am simply delighted to announce a new series published by The Wild Rose Press. After the phenomenal success of Bare in Bermuda, I will be continuing on with characters from the same world of Henna and Eduardo. There will be ten books total in the series and hopefully a few novellas along the way. I’ll be answering questions about the series along the way as they come my way. Feel free to send me a question through the contact form on the website.


What’s the name of the next book in the series? 

Hot in Hollywood.


My lips are sealed.


Not really. I’m just messing with you. Hot in Hollywood is about Henna’s friend Hester and her romance with a big big George Clooney type star. My five word summary – All that glitters isn’t gold.

Is Simon going to get his own story?

Yes. Passion in Portugal is Simon’s story.

Eduardo and Henna’s wedding? What were you thinking!?

I hear you loud and clear. Eduardo and Henna’s wedding will be contained either in a novella or one of the forthcoming books.

Are we going to get Eden and Romeo’s story? 

Yes. Romance in Rome. 

What about Leo? He’s so naughty. 

Oh yes. Leo will be tamed eventually by the love of a good woman. Look for his story in Naughty in New York.

I love Aunt Midge! She’s my favourite. 

Me too! I adore Aunt Midge. She’s sort of the mix of Fran Drescher and my friend Anne.

Gloria is really a pain in the ass. 

Don’t I know it. But what would a story be without a pain in the ass to make things interesting?

Please tell me Gloria doesn’t get a happy ending. 

That’s sort of mean. Even a pain in the ass deserves a happy ending.

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