Memoirs of a Gigolo FAQ

Memoirs of a Gigolo FAQ

Dear Awesome Readers! 
Thank you for all of your questions over the previous months. Here are the answers to the ones I’ve gathered up. If you have another question I haven’t addressed, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list. 

Are you looking for beta readers? 

Not at the moment.

Will you send me a signed bookmark/postcard?

I use book cover postcards for promotional purposes. I just ask you cover the cost of postage. This is done through Etsy. Here is the link.

Is there an audio-book for Memoirs of a Gigolo?

Not yet. Watch this space!

Will there be paperbacks of each Volume? 

At the moment the plan is for paperbacks of each of the individual volumes.

I heard Memoirs of a Gigolo has been optioned for cable television?

I wish! I think Memoirs would make for excellent television. I’ve written it purposefully in a very episodic way and I think it would translate well to television. So the answer is no for the moment – but maybe someday!

When will Memoirs of a Gigolo be available in my country/language?

Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume One – or should I say Memorias de un Gigolo Primer Volumen is available in Spanish. As for other volumes and languages, I don’t have an answer for this question at this moment. What I can say is please watch this space.

Who designed the covers?

I designed the original covers for Memoirs of a Gigolo and I have the emotional scars to prove it. It took me a long time to figure out how to get them just right, but it was well worth the effort. I went with black and white because wanted something striking that would stand out from the crowd. I like sensual images that are not overly sexualized. There is something about the monochromatic images that seems very seductive to me.

How did you come up with the idea for Memoirs of a Gigolo?

A few places. I keep an extensive diary. It’s very boring. Trust me. I’ve always wanted to write a fictional memoir. One that is far more interesting than my actual journal. Then a few things came together at once. I was skimming the covers of the British tabloid magazines in the book store for another project that has been put on the back burner for the moment. I was just astounded by the number of people that spent so much of their time attention seeking and then got angry when they were subjected to attention they didn’t want or couldn’t control. Then Oliver popped into my head. A young man that could be a person who spent a lot of time in the tabloids because at one point in his life he courted their attention and then ended up becoming fodder for the paparazzi.

Oliver as a prostitute came from a conversation I had years ago with an Argentinian man I sat next to on an air plane. He was devastatingly handsome. Just incredibly beautiful. Blond with a Spanish accent, impeccable manners, well dressed, and charming. Although he didn’t come out and say I’m a prostitute, I was left with the impression that he was paid handsomely for his company.

Maybe he was full of bull. Maybe not. Either way that was the well Oliver sprang from.

Why didn’t you just put out four books? Why are you releasing the story bit by bit?

I’ve always wanted to write a serial. Memoirs of a Gigolo was my chance to do that. The omnibus editions are coming out more like a series.

What the heck is the difference between a series and a serial?

The serial format was popular about a hundred to two hundred years ago. Writers used to produce pieces for magazines, journals, and newspapers which out come out in installments.

How many Volumes will there be?

In total there will be Twelve Volumes. I have six holiday specials planned and a few short stories.

You’ve raised the prices from $.99 to $2.99? Where do you get off? Shouldn’t my reading your book be reward enough?

This is always a hard question to address. Here are the facts. Volume One was about thirty pages and is still priced at $.99. Each subsequent volume has come in at around one-hundred pages or more. It takes me time, emotional energy, physical energy, and even more time to write a volume. If I were to average out the cost between hours worked and money returned I’d be better off getting a wage slave sort of job (many of which I have worked in my life)  if I were really doing this for the money. Truthfully, $2.99 is really not a lot to pay when compared to what I put into it.

I’m not trying to hustle anyone by raising the price of my books. I would truly like to become a professional writer who does this full time.  I’m not asking for the moon in wanting to make a living wage off of my writing.

What comes after Memoirs of a Gigolo?

I would love to write a prequel centering on Oliver’s grandparents. My gut tells me the two of them had a very interesting past. I’m also very into that Mad Men era – I think a couple of jet setting swingers in the early sixties would make for an interesting serial.

Isn’t Memoirs of a Gigolo a bit literary to be considered erotica?

There used to be a time when erotica was literary. The Marquis de Sade, John Cleland, Henry Miller, Pauline Réage, Collette and Anais Nin to name just a few were accomplished writers that used sex and sexuality in their works as a means to tell a larger story. It wasn’t just about the old in out. Memoirs of a Gigolo is so much more than the sex. From my perspective it is about Oliver’s journey and how he travels the path from boy to man. I could probably tell the story without the sex, but how realistic would it be for a prostitute that keeps an extensive diary to leave out the bits about his encounters with his clients?

Why don’t you use dialogue tags? I was always told writers have to use dialogue tags. In fact – I read it in the Big Book of What Writers Absolutely Must Do that you are supposed to use dialogue tags.

I just tried to reach Cormac McCarthy to tell him he’d better give back that Pulitzer right now because he sometimes does not use dialogue tags. Unfortunately he was out. But I left a message.

But seriously – I’m a writer. Writing is all about creative expression. Memoirs of a Gigolo is an edited version Oliver’s diary. I’ve kept an extensive diary for many many many years and  never used dialogue tags in even when I was writing down what I remembered of a conversation. It seems like a very silly thing to use dialogue tags in a diary. Therefore – they are omitted.

Have you ever hired a male prostitute?


Would you ever hire a male prostitute?

Probably not. I’m notoriously tight with my money. I have a hard time dropping my hard earned cash on a manicure let alone paying the price for a really top notch escort.

How can you write about a male prostitute if you’ve never been a male prostitute or even hired a male prostitute?

I always wonder about this question. Arthur C. Clarke never went to space and George RR Martin has probably never been to a wedding that ended in bloodshed. I’m a writer. I have a very rich inner life and an incredibly active imagination. Which means I’m good at making shit up.

Are you really a man pretending to be a woman writing as a man?

Let me read that one again a few times just to make sure I have the question right…. Okay. I am really a woman. Seriously. I’m not a man. I get asked this question a lot and I think it’s one of the best compliments I can receive. That I’m able to write in Oliver’s voice convincingly as a man is something I like to think is a testament to my skill as a writer. But really – I’m all woman!

Are you English?

Nope – I’m American. I come from Northern California. I’ve been living in Europe for a very long time though.

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  1. Hello Livia.
    Having read all the books of memoirs of a gigolo I’m still a bit confused who did Olga end up with please.B

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