Seven Questions for Author Iyana Jenna

Thank you very much, Livia, for the chance to be featured on your blog.
Hi, my name is Iyana Jenna and I’m a writer of several short stories published by Silver Publishing, Prizm Books, Evernight Publishing, Alfie Dog Fiction, and Ether Books. They are mostly M/M stories for adults and young adults. You are welcome to check out my work on my blog HERE. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia, and in real life I teach English to kids and adults.
Now I’m going to try to answer Livia’s questions. 🙂
1. Are you a reader? What are your favorite books?
Yes, I am a reader. I don’t know what I’d do in my spare time, aside from writing, that is. My favorite books include work by Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham, Sandra Brown, Carla Neggers, and many more, with books such as The Fifth Mountains, A Prisoner of Birth, A Matter of Honor, etc.
2. What is your path to publication?
I like writing and I’ve been writing for more than ten years. At first I never planned to go to publication even if it irked my friend who saw how I did nothing about my stories. LOL. But then an online friend started to publish her stories and I thought how cool it was if I tried doing that with mine. I sent one short story last year to a publisher. They accepted it and it was released in March this year. That was my very first published story ever. Since then my days have changed totally.
3. How much time do you spend writing each day/week?
I try to write every day even if I can only write 500 words or less. I usually write into my cell phone on my way to the office and back so it’s not too much time.
4. How do you work? Are you an island unto yourself? Or part of a larger community?
In writing, I prefer to work alone. I’m usually lost in my head and I’m afraid to let others know about what I have until I’m finished with it. But I’ve been involved in larger communities when it comes to sharing and spreading word about our work, and I enjoy it.
5. What is your favorite thing about writing? Least favorite?
Well, what is my favorite thing? I just like doing it. It helps me go away from the problems in my daily life, including my work. I like thinking about the characters and what they do and say. My least favorite is the slowness in writing. I write so slowly while my muses keep chasing after me. I wish I could just pour everything onto paper/word pages once I thought about a story.
6. Are writers born, taught, or both?
I think they are born. Someone should be interested in writing to be a writer. If you don’t have any interest in writing, you just can’t make yourself sit and write. One can’t teach you. Yes, you can learn to be better writers, but it has to come from yourself.
7. What would you tell younger and less experienced you if you could?
Just go on and never stop. Keep writing and keep sending your work out there. Experience the process of writing and promoting. Connect to other writers. Help others and they will help you back. You are not alone but it has to be a take-and-give process.

Well, I hope I made sense of myself here. ^__^ Thank you again for having me, Livia.

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