Welcome Carolyn Holland – Author of Seeds Of Transition: Book One – The Genesis Project

Seeds Of Transition: Book One – The Genesis Project
Carolyn Holland and co-author, Kef Hollenbach
About The Author
Carolyn Holland grew up during the 70’s in the coastal wetlands of North Carolina in a

small, rural fishing village. She married right after high school and started her family, in the same community where she grew up. Though life took her to other places, she lived in the Appalachians for a time and later in Alabama, she found herself drawn back to her roots in Coastal North Carolina. With her three children grown now, she resides there still with her husband James Holland, a retired US Marine.

Carolyn has been a writer for many years. In 2009 she began work as a freelance writer and ghost writer and worked on many works in the science fiction genre. Her own personal interest in agriculture, the environment and our effect upon it prompted a lot of study into the effect of weather patterns brought on by climate change on our food and water supply.

In 2012, Carolyn was invited by publishers; Books, Authors and Artists, to write and publish the trilogy titled The Genesis Project. The first book in that series is titled, Seeds of Transition and will be available at most online book stores in E-Book and Paperback form on July 19, 2013.

About The Book
Editor: Sherry Thoman
Release Date: Jun 7, 2013
Genres: Science Fiction/General,
Fiction > Science Fiction > Apocalyptic, and
Fiction > Science Fiction > Utopia and dystopias
Published by internet marketing KY, LLC. d/b/a Books, Authors And Artists

(Amazon Kindle) ASIN:B00DB7UERS
(CreateSpace) ISBN-13:978-1482657647
(Smashwords) ISBN: 9781301089505

Book Sell-Pages on Amazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords:
https://www.createspace.com/4189905(Paperback at CreateSpace, $7.87 USD.)
http://amzn.to/11XdFGu(Amazon Paperback.)
http://amzn.to/10dOySi(Kindle ebook, $3.77 USD.)
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/330174(Smashwords ebook, $3.77 USD.)

Contains (limited) ADULT content.

Seeds of Transitionengulfs the reader with riveting adventure, emotional thrills, and conflict from beginning to end.
As the world’s population approaches 10 billion people, severe weather extremes diminish crop and livestock production, driving the demand for and price of food to new heights. The American government, as well as other powerful organizations, turns to the world of academia in search of gifted, albeit unlikely heroes.
Dr. Jarod Farra is one of those unlikely heroes. An assistant professor of agriculture at Cornell University, Farra quickly finds himself at the forefront of both his longstanding dreams, and perhaps, some of his worst fears. Dread of the developing global food shortage and ever-worsening weather extremes cause cultural turmoil, political turbulence, population shifts, and economic havoc. Jarod and a range of characters come together to perform an experiment that will change the world, and provide new hope for generations to come with the most radical agricultural undertaking that society has ever seen.

Chapter 5
The Genesis Project
A.D. 2057
Vision without action is a day dream; action without vision is a nightmare.”
~Japanese Proverb~
. . .
Jarod swallowed hard and continued down the ramp where the waiting soldiers immediately proceeded to wave a hand-held metal detecting device across all of the surfaces of his body. He obeyed when one of them politely asked him to raise his arms to the side and spread his feet two feet apart. Hilder stood to the side and let the soldiers do their work; Farra noticed that Hilder was not asked to submit to a scan.
One of the suited guys stepped forward, all business for sure and asked quite professionally, “Please place your hands on top of your head Dr. Farra and stand with your legs slightly apart.”
Jarod turned to Hilder who casually waved his hand and gave Jarod a reassuring nod. “Just a formality Dr. Farra.”
The man patted him down thoroughly, or at least Jarod thought of it as a thorough pat down, he had never been asked to submit to one before now. After he was finished, the searcher stepped back a few feet.
Dr. Farra, may I ask you to remove your Internet-2 device, your I-2D, from your forearm?”
Jarod hesitated but a reassuring look from Hilder and he decided to comply. He quickly unstrapped the transparent device and handed it over. He held it up for Farra to see and said apologetically, “We’ll hold onto this for you Dr. Farra, I assure you nothing will happen to it.”
Annoyed now, Jarod opened his mouth to protest, but the other guy opened the rear passenger door of the SUV and asked him to please have a seat inside the vehicle. Hilder climbed in behind him and the door was closed tightly.
Jarod turned to Hilder and said wryly, “Well, I suppose we’re off to see the wizard finally.”
Hilder, who seemed to be quite amused, smiled and said, “Yes indeed Dr. Farra, yes indeed.”
They traveled about a mile down a very dusty stretch of blacktop, and then slowed, turning to the right onto a well traveled dirt road which they followed for another couple of miles. Jarod, extremely curious, scanned the landscape as they passed. Other than an occasional military vehicle, there seemed to be no sign of life, just dry desert plain as far as the eye could see. His attention was redirected toward the front when the SUV slowed and merged slightly to the right in order to allow three tractor trailers to pass on the narrow road.
When the semis were past them and the dust from their wake had subsided, he saw it for the very first time. He would remember this moment for many years to come and retell the story many many times. His jaw dropped at the site before him, he could not pull his eyes from it. “Oh my God!” were the only words that would form on his lips. Hilder had been waiting for this very instant, and guffawed with delight.
He exited the vehicle before anyone could open the door for him, the target of his focus lay dead ahead, so absorbed was he by the sight that he missed the exchange of knowing smiles between Hilder and the driver, and he didn’t notice the limo parked just 100 feet away either.
His eyes were locked upon the most amazing thing he had ever seen, so amazing in fact that his mind was having difficulty soaking it up. What Jarod perceived was a twenty story oasis of lush, living green! It was a massive complex; a virtual epicenter of activity. Workers were moving about, going about their activities as ifthis were a perfectly normalsetting, as if thiswasn’t a miracle!
Jarod only vaguely heard the familiar voice beside him softly ask, “Astounding isn’t it?”
As he turned toward the speaker, he heard Hilder from behind his right shoulder say, “Dr. Farra, may I introduce you to the President of the United States.”

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