Welcome JB Dinizo – Author of Without Harry Dean

While I was in school, I paid little or no attention during grammar and sentence structure lessons as I was busy looking out the classroom window or drawing in my notebook. So, obviously, I had no thoughts of becoming an author. However, I was an incessant reader, covering every writer from Bunyan to the Brontes and was a fixture after school in my smalltown local library. I eventually became the town librarian during my senior year of high school and went on for professional library training.
  As a librarian I was always around books and as the years went by, I began to form thoughts of stories that I might write. I began writing down notes on my lunch hours and over the years. those notes turned into stories and then into books. I love the Civil War era and my desire was to write of someone who lived back in those long ago times so my book, Diary Secrets,
began to come together. Living here at the New Jersey shore, I  loved the old Barnegat Bay homes where generations of a family lived out their lives and loves. Hence, my book, Bay House.  I listened to my father tell of his remarkable family and was fascinated by the stories of his older brother who was an air pilot in the early years of flying. So Without Harry Dean began to form as a story in my mind.
  I grew up in Arlington, Vermont in those golden years right after World War II. Yes, Arlington, Vermont was Norman Rockwell’s hometown back then. My parents used to square dance with him and my friends and I swam under the covered bridge that faced his home. He even spoke at my high school graduation which was one rare privilege!
  Why are my books listed under the name, J.B. DiNizo, and not Alice DiNizo? J.B. is my cat and I am private and write what I write. If someone telephones me and asks why a Tuskeegee airman is a central character in Imperfect Past or why I wrote of English criminals in Comings and Goings, I just respond, “Thanks so much for your inquiry but J.B. cannot come to the telephone(computer) at the moment.”
If you like, Without Harry Dean is listed on Amazon.com as www.amazon.com/Without-Harry-Dean-J-DiNizo/dp/1612045707
My website is www.jbdinizo.com.

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