Welcome Mary Banos – Author of Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement

I have worked in financial aid in higher education for over 16 years, assisting students with the financial means to achieve their goal of a college education.
I was fortunate to overcome a troubled childhood, plagued with times of depression, resulting in random thoughts of committing suicide.  In my adulthood, I overcame the pain that was her past. This past developed within me the life-long passion of helping and encouraging others.
I am working on a Masters of Science degree in Family Studies. My goal is to be an author and motivational public speaker, while my collective passion is to encourage others, help others overcome obstacles, and to reach their goals and dreams.
Would you rather win the lottery, or end up writing the next big book?
            Most definitely I’d rather write the next big book!  Wealth from a lottery can be exciting, however wealth through the writing of a book which touches the lives of others is even better.  You cannot put a price on changing the lives of people.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I am most definitely an extrovert.  I can chat with a random stranger, as I have done many times over the years.  And I would not have some of the friendships which I have been blessed with if I had not chatted with someone who I did not know.
How do you feel about self-publishing?
I absolutely love it, and recommend it to others who would like to publish a book.  It is a great way to become published without waiting many months or years for a traditional publisher to choose to publish your work.  It is a way to be in control and to make it happen for yourself. And being fortunate to be with a self-publishing company as mine (PDMI Direct Publishing) who gives 100% of the royalties to the author is a great bonus as well.

Excerpt from my book:
We have more power in our lives than most of us are able to realize.  Sometimes
it seems easier to just believe that we are limited then to truly open our eyes to what we
can actually accomplish if we simply believe in ourselves.  We can also make a
difference in the lives of others around us more than we realize.  Holding back for
ourselves or others accomplishes nothing other than failed opportunities. 
Some hold back from progress due to mental or emotional pain from the past. 
On a TV episode of “Criminal Minds,” one of the main characters stated, “Scars remind
us of where we have been.  They don’t have to dictate where you’re going.”  There are
millions of people in the world who allow their futures to be limited due to painful
experiences of their past.  They are limiting themselves out of fear and doubt.  If they
could only see that it is them who are holding themselves back and allowing the painful
past experiences to be an obstacle that hinders them.  Anyone can work through
emotional/mental blocks to find their way to success and happiness.
When we take a chance and truly believe in ourselves we can make things
happen – goals are accomplished, dreams are fulfilled, and hopes are manifested. 
When we allow others to see our empowerment and share it with them, then we spread
the magic of empowerment to more people.

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