Welcome Rosemary Gard – Author of Destiny Denied

Thank you, Livia, for the opportunity  to be included in your blog.

I have always wanted to tell stories.  When I was twelve, coming from a Slavic background, my mother wanted to give me a sewing machine as a Birthday Gift. Much arguing and finally my father bought me a Remington Portable and I started writing.
Writing my first novel was not that hard, it was based on fact, which I fictionalized. In some instances the characters led me instead of my leading them.  Several readers wanted more after the first book and then I continued the story with a second and am now working on the last of the Destiny Trilogy.  Again, based on fact, but told as fiction.
I don’t bounce from one writing project to another.  After I finish the last of this trilogy, I plan a non fiction book based on some of the experiences my husband and I have encountered as estate appraisers.  
I am pretty much a self taught writer, tho I did take a short writing course with a man from New York who came to our city.  He  reluctantly offered to be my agent as he claimed women were not serious writers.  He threatened that if he didn’t hear from me on a monthly basis we were through.  Well, my husband started a new business and my writing took second place.  Sure enough…when I finally sent a manuscript I got no answer.  He kept his word and dropped me. 
The books I have finished and the one I am working on were the result of my adult children wanting to know more about their Grandparents who came to this country from Europe in the early 1900s.  So my last book on this subject brings my heroine to America in 1907 or thereabouts.  I am doing a lot of research of Gary, Indiana in its formative years when immigrants were brought here to build and work in the steel mills.
I did get a modest finalist award on the first, Destiny’s Dowry, which by the way is a bit about the dowry given to me by my cousins when I was sent to Croatia  in 1956 to forget my then American boyfriend, who became and is still my husband. 
For me it is the characters and not the plot.  The characters lead me.  I can’t work from an outline because it appears the characters don’t always want to follow my writing plan.
I am self published and happy that I went that way.  My book was considered by a publisher, if I would sex up the book a little along with the cover.  I do a lot of public appearances at libraries and book clubs.  I think social media is great place to make friends and to introduce them to what a writer does.   It has been good for me.
As you can tell by this lengthy response I am an extrovert.  
In my second book, Destiny Denied, I used my dentist as one of the characters with his permission. I used his name but changed him from a dentist to a general practitioner in Zagreb.  When he finished the book he called to tell me that page 91 was his favorite page. Of course he was introduced on that page in the story.
Katya is my favorite character, tho I like many others.  She is sold to a Turk, thought of as a witch, escapes with the help of Gypsies and so forth.  Her life is both exciting and sad.  
 I am on Facebook as Rosemary Gard Author. 

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