Recently Unearthed for Week 37

I’ve been fussing with the blog. My favorite thing to do when I’m actively trying to avoid work. Here are the links to some sites that I’ve come across during my active avoidance of things I should in fact be doing.

The Cutest Blog on the Block – Lots of free templates for Blogger and WordPress users and a few extras for Facebook and Twitter.

50 (Most) Beautiful Blogger Templates – Beautiful and inspirational blogger ideas.

Blogger Themes

HTML is the biggest learning curve for me. I’m not particularly computer savvy, but if I don’t do it it’s not going to get done. So I have to figure it out for myself. These three sites have helped a great deal.

HTML for Dummies

HTML Beginner Tutorial

If you know nothing about HTML this is where you start.

The big reason I use Blogger instead of WordPress is Google Docs. They help me organize so many aspects of my blogging.

Here’s a YouTube video that is very helpful. 

How to make forms, etc. in Google Docs.

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