Blog Hopping

I’m making up a lot of this as I go along. Being an author isn’t just about the writing anymore. It’s all about so much more than just putting the words down on the page. I may have studied English, but I’ve had to give myself a crash course in marketing and business.

I’ve had help along the way. Other authors that have made a good go of marketing and selling their books have guided me, but there always comes a point when you need to set sail under your own wind. One thing I’ve been looking at for a long time are blog tours. It’s one of those things I’ve heard a lot about, but have never really been able to figure out. They seem like a good idea. A giant marketing blitz to get the word out in one big push. Like a lot of things it seems like I could do it on my own, but it would take a whole lot of effort and connections I don’t necessarily have. So, like hiring a mechanic to change my oil and filters (something I could probably do myself if I really wanted to), I’m looking at blog tour organizers to publicize my books.

But it’s hard to know who to use. Prices are competitive and the services comparable.

So in typical me fashion, I just dove right in and learned what I needed to know from the inside. I always learn better by doing. I’m now a blog tour host for several sites. Over the next few months I’ll have the pleasure of hosting writers that are on a tour.

Consider this a very warm welcome to the authors I’ll be hosting. Let me know when you pass through what you think of your experience.

One thought on “Blog Hopping

  1. I've been fighting against blog tours, but finally gave in. Will start one a month long next week. When I've mentioned the name of the organizer, people in the know nod, "Yeah, that's the best." Some blogs with good visibility reserve their spots for blog organizers, I've learned.

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