Recently Unearthed for Week 36

I’m trying to figure out what a blog tour is and how it could help me. I’m the first to admit I’m in the weeds with a lot of this marketing and promoting stuff. So a bit of help might be just the thing I need. I’ve even signed up to host some authors just so see what it’s like from the inside.
Here is a list of the blog tour organizers I’ve had a look at the past week. These are by no means recommendations. Just a list at what I’ve looked at. If I’ve missed a blog tour operator that you’d recommend, please let me know in the comments.

Juniper Grove

Goddess Fish

Book Monster Promotions

Promotional Book Tours

Novel Publicity

B.A. Book Tours

Enchantress of Books

Virtual Book Tour Cafe


Reading Addiction

Rockstar Book Tours

Blog Tour

Atomr Tours

ABG Reads

Tasty Book Tours

Here are a few articles on the blog tour experience I found interesting.

From Writers Words of Wisdom – Planning a Blog Tour – Writing Guest Posts

From the Huffington Post – Planning a blog tour? Think twice.

From the Book Publicity Blog – What’s a book blog tour?

From the The Eternal Scribe – A comparison of book blog tour services.

From Girl Who Reads – Choosing a blog tour company.

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