Opening up the blog to submissions again

I’m opening up the blog for submissions again.

You can find the link for the form to fill out here: Guest Blogger Form

The format will be changing slightly.

Friday’s will still be devoted to author centered interviews consisting of seven questions. As always, any author is invited to submit an interview. As long as I still have space, you will be scheduled. This is strictly first come first serve. 52 weeks in the year equals 52 authors. Everyone, especially authors just starting out, need a platform to pitch their book from.

If I receive a whole lot more than 52 responses I very well may open up the blog for a Saturday or Sunday spot. Based on the previous response when I opened up the blog for submissions this is a very real possibility.

Now for the caveat – you need to be published. If you’re not published yet and would like to write a post about your struggle to be become published I invite you to my new regular feature.

Tuesday’s will feature a blog post by a guest (not necessarily an author – I’ll be inviting editors, reviewers, bloggers, publishers, and agents to blog). This is pretty much no holds barred. As with Friday’s post, it’s dealers choice. I’m pretty much open to anything as long as it remains more or less within the bounds of good taste.

That’s all for the moment. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!


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