Welcome Dixie Lee Brown – Author of When I Find You

This week I turn the blog over to Dixie Lee Brown. Author of When I Find You and a woman after my own heart who gets the struggle of trying to write and work at a day job. As always, first some questions and then a blurb.

Do you have only one WIP, or do you bounce around between projects? Oh my! What a mess I’d have if I tried writing on more than one project at a time! WHEN I FIND YOU, the second book in the Trust No One series just released. Currently, I’m working on the third book, TAKE MY HAND. I got so wrapped up in the story and characters, it was all I could do to get the required editing for book two in to the publisher on time. Everything – reading for pleasure, television, normal relationship stuff – all take a back seat to the WIP!

Do you have a favorite character from your book? Why? My favorite character is Walker. Walker is ex-military, jaded and cynical about life, highly trained and very dangerous. He’s a little rough around the edges, and he isn’t bothered by the political correctness of how something gets done, only that it does get done. Yet he’s a loyal friend, caring, and protective to a fault. Let’s just say, I had no trouble putting my heroine in his capable hands!

How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book? Highly unlikely! When I read, I want to suspend reality and get lost in a feel-good story. I try to do the same when I write. Some ridiculous deed someone performed, or some rude comment might make it in my story – but not the person.

What was the best advice you were given leading you to getting published?  The most common advice is still the best advice – DON’T GIVE UP!

Author Bio:

Dixie has been writing stories for years, storing ideas and first drafts of manuscripts in every spare closet and drawer. Then one day she decided she wanted to be an author more than anything in the world, pulled out one of those story ideas and got serious!

Her romantic suspense novels are just right for curling up and losing yourself in the story. Dixie’s first novel of the Trust No One series, ALL OR NOTHING, placed 3rd in the romantic suspense category of the 2011 TARA (Tampa Area Romance Authors) Contest. The second, WHEN I FIND YOU, was recently released. Currently, she’s working on the third book in the series.
Dixie moved from Montana to a small town in Central Oregon in 1972, married and raised two daughters. Today her two small dogs hold down the back of the couch and watch for intruders as she works on another novel.

Book blurb – WHEN I FIND YOU
Darcy Maddox’s quiet life as a nanny is turned upside down when she learns her employer is linked to the mafia. Rather than quitting, she chooses to stay and ignore the truth. Now, she’s fairly sure her boss is dead…and the murderers are after her. A complete stranger tries to kill her. Another dogs her every footstep. Is he friend or enemy? Dare she trust him?
When Walker is asked to track down the nanny and stash her someplace safe until the U.S. Marshals can arrange for her protection, he’s sure she’ll be more trouble than she’s worth. He has no idea. First, he has to find her. Then he must convince her he’s on her side, but that proves more difficult than he ever imagined. Walker doesn’t give up easily, especially after the woman clubs him and leaves him for dead. He doesn’t care how attracted he is to her. He’ll find her, and when he does…


He saw her the minute she entered the terminal, even though she had her hair up under that blasted cap. The picture Joe sent only showed her from the neck up. For a moment he was distracted by the soft curves that came below. She wore tight jeans with holes in the legs and a short, snug jacket that stretched over her full breasts and ended at the swell of her hips. He let his gaze roam over her admiringly and settle at hip level. He wasn’t the only one. Her nicely rounded bottom, swaying with her graceful stride, attracted the attention of every man within fifty feet who wasn’t blind or half dead. The preppy guy she walked off the plane with enjoyed the view every chance he got.
Who the hell was he anyway? The nanny was supposed to be traveling alone. The last thing Walker needed was some horny schoolboy mucking up his plan. He studied the man, who had a short but serious conversation with Darcy, then stepped up to the Budget Car Rental counter. Good—they were parting company, just in time.
In no particular rush, Darcy walked away from the counter. Walker’s gaze traveled the length of her as she came closer, enjoying the easy, sexy way she moved. This would be his best opportunity to talk to her, to explain his purpose, and whisk her out of there before she could come up with too many questions he couldn’t answer at the moment. By the time she got her wits about her, he’d have her someplace safe and the marshals would be on the way. At least that was the plan.
He pushed away from the column he leaned against, his gaze slid upward to her face, and too late he realized she’d noticed him checking her out. Her face paled and, in the fraction of a second before she jerked her eyes away, he recognized the look of the hunted in their green depths. Crap. He’d just made a rookie mistake.
He took one step toward her as she whirled and ran square into the preppy guy, who held up a set of keys and led her out of the terminal. So much for plan A.
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