Welcome Cameron D. Garriepy – Author of Buck’s Landing

Cameron D GarriepySelf-described shenaniganist and unabashed romantic, Cameron D. Garriepy wrote her first romance novel in middle school, on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and her publishing goals have included a BA in Music, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry. Cameron writes from the Metro Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and two poorly behaved dogs. She blogs at Writer of Fictions and is a managing editor at Write on Edge. Bucks SandFirstly, thank you Livia, for hosting me. I loved your interview questions, and could have answered them all. Blogjacking isn’t my style, though, so I’ll tackle three that made me smile. You asked if I have a mentor. Not so much a mentor, but a partner-in-crime. A fellow writer and indie author who is an inspiration, draft reader, and idea bouncer. We chat daily, about family, work, writing, specific story ideas and troubles, celebrations… I’m quite dependent, really. I learn a lot just from my conversations with him, whether he knows it or not. Which leads me to another answer… I’m a combination of self-taught and writing-educated. I thrived in English classes in high school, and I gobbled up college classes in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting. My official major was music, and I got my culinary certification in my twenties while working as a nanny, cake decorator, and hotel kitchen cook, all of which I consider part of my self-education. I pay attention to the way people move, how they laugh, what makes them angry, and how their bodies work. That holds true for strangers as much as the real people in my life. Are the people in my life likely to end up in my books? My characters are their own people, but bits and borrows from real people are like the salt in a good sauce: necessary for good flavor but not something you should taste explicitly. Before I go, I’d love to share an excerpt from Buck’s Landing, my contemporary romance, which debuted last October. This conversation with his sister gives you a little insight to the Silas Wilde, the story’s hero. “I spent New Year’s Eve prepping for a case.” Silas got up and paced the small room. “I left the office at 1 a.m. I rode home in my Brooks Brothers suit and wool coat, on a train full of people celebrating. Kissing, drinking, fighting, laughing. Living, Mal. And I was working.” He stopped and willed her to understand. “I bought the Jeep from a listing in the Want-Ads. I didn’t even look at it first.” He waited for Mallory to interrupt. When she didn’t, he went on. “When I called you guys from Mystic, said I was taking some vacation time? I’d already found someone to sublet my apartment. A guy just like me. I hadn’t traveled in five years. My fat salary? Sitting in well-researched investment accounts, where it very likely would have stayed until I met a nice girl and we got married and moved to Westchester.” Now Mallory’s cheeks colored. “There’s nothing wrong with that life.” He kept going, afraid she might derail him, even though she was finally listening. “The first time I skipped my every-six-weeks haircut? I took myself out for a beer down the road. I was wearing jeans and a sweater, my hair was a shade too long, and I was happy. Some guys invited me to play darts with them. They didn’t even ask me my name. It was one of the best nights of my adult life.” “Silas.” Mallory’s tone softened. “I stopped here because something about the icy beach called to me. I found this place by accident. But it feels right.” He thought of Sofia. He could picture her all wrapped around him on the beach he loved. “And I think I met someone.” The smug married woman on his sofa snapped to attention. “Someone here?” “Not exactly. She’s from D.C.” He fought the urge to look out his window toward the Landing. “But she’s in town for a while.” “I can see you in Washington,” Mallory said. Silas smiled. His sister was nothing if not determined. “We’ll see.” He kept his voice light. Mallory stood and wrapped him in a bear hug. She was twelve years older, and for his whole life she’d wanted to be a wife, a mother. She’d been married and rocking Theo to sleep in the starter home she and her husband had bought when Silas was just starting to sprout hair under his arms. Bossing him around was as natural to her as breathing. Silas wasn’t even sure she knew she was doing it. “I’m still leaving Theo here for the summer to keep an eye on you,” she muttered into his shoulder. “I love you.” He squeezed her hard. “You’re a nag, but I love you.” She smacked his chest. “My boy says he hasn’t had a decent meal in weeks. I’m taking you all out for dinner when the shop closes. Where?” “We close at eleven tonight.” Mallory’s face fell, and he did some quick thinking. “Let me see if I can’t find someone to cover the register for a couple of hours so I can join you.” “I bet we can get good lobster around here.” Mallory tilted a lampshade true. Silas chuckled. “The best. Let me walk you to your car.” He escorted his sister out through the store so she could embarrass Theo. After she kissed her son extravagantly, Silas hugged her, and walked with her across the street to the parking lot for the beach. He couldn’t help sneaking a glance over his shoulder at Sofia’s door. Like the frozen sand in January, something about his neighbor called to him, promising heat and pleasure if he stuck around long enough. Something about her felt right. About Buck’s Landing: Sofia Buck escaped Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, ten years ago with no intention of returning, but her father’s untimely death forces her to come back for the summer to deal with Buck’s Landing, the family business he left behind. Sofia has one goal, to keep the business running until it’s sold. What she doesn’t count on is falling in love. Silas Wilde walked away from an unsatisfying legal career in Manhattan. Relying on instinct and serendipity, he finds himself running a seaside market and gift shop on Hampton Beach’s Ocean Boulevard. He’s content in his new life and livelihood, until a chance encounter with his new next-door neighbor awakens him to the one thing he’s missing. Her. Threatened by Sofia and Silas’s very different dreams, can their love survive the summer’s end? Buck’s Landing is Cameron D. Garriepy’s debut romance, and the first in the New England Seacoast Romance series. Amazon | Apple | B&N | Smashwords | AllRomance eBooksBuck’s Landing personalized paperbacks

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