Pseudonym’s are sacred: JK Rowling Should be Mad – Very Very Mad

I feel bad for JK Rowling. I truly never believed I would feel bad for JK Rowling. Not because I don’t like her or admire her, but because she doesn’t live a particularly troubled life and doesn’t require my pity. Today I feel bad for JK Rowling. She tried to write purely and cleanly and for the sole pleasure of practicing her craft, but no – some fucktard screwed it up for her.

She anonymously wrote a book that received good reviews and was on it’s way to building an audience. She could have truly enjoyed this little side gig. This is the reason I went into erotica. I needed to write something different from the work I was doing. I get why she did this. It was pure and clean.

That fucktard, Chris Gossage a partner at the Russell lawfirm based in the UK, told his wife’s best friend fucktard Judith Callegari, information that should have been sacred. Rowlings pseudonym. What does Judith Callegari do with this information? She tweets about it. Because that’s what fucktards do. They reveal information that isn’t there’s to reveal then they tweet about it.

I write under a pseudonym. I write under a few of them. Some are closely guarded secrets and others are just sort of out there. I cannot imagine any of the people I work with disclosing this information to someone else for any reason and without my explicit permission.

I write under pseudonyms for a variety of reasons. Mostly because my readers pick up a book and have an expectation of the content when they see my name on the cover. Livia Ellis writes contemporary erotica. Olivia Bronson writes for middle-grade and YA audiences. I’m considering creating a third pseudonym for the historical I’m starting to shop around. As one of my twitter friends recently quipped (I’m paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to look up the original tweet) I have so many pseudonyms it’s like I’m in a Bourne book.

In my personal life in addition to being a writer I’m a student. I’m in a fairly conservative department at a pretty conservative institution. The professor that has agreed to be my adviser put it perfectly when I told her what my pseudonym is and asked her to keep it to herself: Pseudonyms are sacred.

JK Rowling has a cabal of lawyers working for her. I haven’t always agreed with her peoples aggressive persuit of all persons and things that have infringed on her world. But this time I encourage JK Rowling with the firmest language I can to RELEASE THE FUCKING HOUNDS! SEND YOUR LAWYERS AFTER THE FUCKTARDS AND MAKE THEM BEG FOR MERCY! PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF ALL WRITERS OUT THERE THAT WISH TO USE A PSEUDONYM AND HAVE FUCKTARDS IN THEIR WORLD THAT WOULD SCREW IT UP FOR THEM.

Please make note fucktards of the world.

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