Bare in Bermuda Cover Reveal

I should probably do a big promo cover reveal, but I’m just too excited not to share! Diana Carlile came up with this gorgeous cover that just so perfectly conveys the sultry tone and sensuality of Bare in Bermuda I couldn’t keep it to myself. Bare in Bermuda is coming very soon! When I have the release date I’ll do a more formal promo event, but it’s just so gorgeous I had to show off.

“Have you ever fantasized about picking up
a total stranger in an airport and
having your way with them?”

“What makes you think I haven’t picked up a total stranger in an airport and had my way with them?” The look in his eyes and the tilt of his mouth told her what she needed to know. They were equally bored and up for a bit of naughty, flirty talk that might or might not lead to something more, depending on the direction Hurricane Delores decided to take.
The who of her fantasy had been sorted out. The how and the where could be problematic, but nothing was impossible. She had credit cards and determination. She lacked courage. That could be found in the depths of her soul. No one, especially Eduardo, knew who she was. At that moment, she could be anyone. Even someone with the confidence to take a risk and do something outrageously bold.
“Have you?” She returned his look.
“No,” he said. “But there is a first for everything. You are very beautiful and my flight is delayed.” He reached up and his knuckles ran down her jaw. “Perhaps we can have a drink or two and discuss the nature of this fantasy of yours.” He picked up his glass and raised it to his mouth.

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