Welcome Grinelda Markowitz – Author of The Kalaydan Chronicles

This week I welcome author Grinelda Markowitz- Author of The Kalaydan Chronicles. Grinelda has kindly offered a copy of The Kalaydan Chronicles to a reader who will be chosen at random. If you’re interested in a copy, please let us know in the comments.
Without anymore blahblahblah from me here is Grinelda:
Livia, thank you for having me today.  I’m pleased to have this opportunity to share my work.
It seems, I’m becoming more and more like most any artist, I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my writing. Artists whether musical, visual, or dance all enjoy showing some part of themselves to the world. So, why should authors be any different? Is it really shameless self-promotion or is it something more?
I think it’s something more. For me, it’s a desire to share something I find valuable with others. The part of me that emerges from the depths within is the source of my writing. Sometimes it only takes my being in the right place at the right time to witness something that inspires a story. For each author, I think the relationship with their writing is different. Some have a really spiritual connection to their writing and others have a more detached approach to their writing. How I relate to my writing falls somewhere in between. Balance however is key.
Balance isn’t easy to achieve, either. As a person who works for a living, writes on the side, maintains a household by me-own-self and needs to grow with her writing; I find I have to work hard to find balance. The balance I seek is between all of the above. And, I need to be sure I don’t become burned out on any one thing. I do find that sometimes laying it all aside and doing what I want at the moment is a great stress reliever. I don’t have the restrictions of significant other (SO), offspring or employment (at this time). An example would be that today, as I’m writing this, I am torn between taking a stroll around the museum today or getting some pleasure-reading done.
Walking around the museum is a way to get inspiration, clear the cobwebs and even find the start of a new story line. The beginnings of a new storyline is just another road I may have the opportunity to travel. The road to the serious pursuit of writing has been a long one for me. In my younger years I read voraciously. Science fiction has always been my genre of choice along with fantasy. Tolkien, Herbert and a few others were my favorites. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on in the two genres. Then I discovered Harlan Ellison’s speculative fiction. My writing is as much influenced by the previously mentioned authors as by Ellison’s, but there’s also a place in my heart for this author’s writing. Being an avid reader of his material, I was even more “wowed” when ever seeing his name in the credits of favorite television shows and movies. Most of all, I learned from my favorite authors that the universe isn’t firmly fixed necessarily in reality. Most recently a celebrity (to me) on the literary stage is Octavia Butler. I am fortunate to have attended a couple of public appearances by her. That’s not the case for any of the other writers I’ve filed way in my “totally awesome” folder.
Though I’m self-published under another pen name, The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi, is my first attempt at writing a book. Book II is in work under the sub-title, The Training. Along with that, there are a couple other things in work which will hopefully be released in 2013. I discuss my first book as Grinelda below.
As Gayadnae writhes in her sleep from the scrutiny of the Gaichi, Grayt, serving woman to Arrinay and companion to Bezhyanya, wards off Gaya’s nighttime visitor. Though her parents, the senior members of the ruling family, were blissfully unaware of the threat to Kalaydan already in motion. The day to come will dawn soon, bringing them concerns for the early maturation of their daughter.
Most parents take joy in their children as they travel the path to adulthood and arrive to take their places in society. For Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the realization of the nearness of the end of this journey for their daughter underscores their responsibilities to the people of Kalaydan. Her ability to take her place in their society as the young mistress is in peril. The potential for scandal and other complications is more than a reality, it could be the next guest to knock on the doors of the Main House.
Gayadnae, being herself, concocts a scheme to get around what she perceives to be the inevitable interruption to her freedom and personal interests. Grayt, the moving force behind the daily activities within the Main House, has a more dire agenda lurking in the background of her activities. Having brought Gayadnae to the fork-in-the-road she would have to meet at some point, she is able to thwart the soon-to-be young mistress’ attempt to avoid an inevitable responsibility. Gaya’s meeting with Muntaën is the turning point in the young woman’s life. Unknown to the couple, their union means the survival of the people of Kalaydan.
The elemental sexual chi energies, which drive the erotic and expressive society of Kalaydan, are far more complex than they seem on the surface. The abilities possessed by Grayt are more extensive than she reveals to the Kalaydans around her but they are known by those of her kind who are ever present yet not seen. Dark forces lurk on the periphery of Kalaydan, marking time before they can be made manifest.
Though Gayadnae sleeps soundly at night now, thanks to a timely gift from Muntaën, her Kallish-to-be, the strings that wed her to him (and him to her) are more profoundly significant than the symbolism of their bed-swearing to come.
A society, the product of its environment; disparate peoples whose futures are immutably entwined; events moving on course to collision; and, the outcome depends primarily on the decision a young woman makes with respect to her future. That’s The Moon-Kissed Chi in a nutshell.
In a residential section of Kalaydan City
Maeb leaned against the window frame and sipped her drink. She looked down into the candle-lit streets of Kalaydan City and watched the progression of a chandler guildsman down the cobblestones until he turned out of sight. A plump dog moved back and forth across the street then stopped to scratch on a door. The door opened and it disappeared through a brightly lit doorway. She turned from the window when she heard Trendo’s booted steps coming down the hall. She heard the sound of his satchel drop to the floor. He strode into the room moments later.
“Hi, Maeb.” He caught her up in a tight embrace after he closed the space between them.
“Hi, Trendo,” she replied. “How was your day?”
“It was busy. I worked with three boys today to master the stopcock. Two of them are Terza’s youngest twins and the other is their cousin on Terza’s side. Seems their fathers have given up trying to teach them to stopcock.”
“I bet that was a rough session. Terza’s husband taught their other boys and many of their family members as well. The Warriors’ Guild may have a few reluctant volunteers in about four suncycles. Did you succeed?” She slipped her hand into his trews and squeezed his firm buttocks.
“Let’s say I made headway. I’ll go back tomorrow. How was your day?” He opened his trews and allowed them to fall to the floor. He stepped out of them then drew her more closely into his embrace.
“It was about the same as yours. I was called to the Main House to meet with the Mistress.” As his hands rubbed her breasts through her bloozat, she nuzzled his cheek with her lips.
“Oh? Isn’t it too early for their daughter to start the training?” His lips grazed hers.
“Well, I would have thought as much, but she’s precocious.” She looked him in the eyes as her hands followed his hips around and gripped his stanchion.
“So was her mother, but she didn’t start early.” He released one breast and returned her gaze. He covered one of her hands with his and guided it along his koq; pressing one of her thumbs into its head.
“Gayadnae has been leeching for at least six suncycles, possibly longer. She didn’t know until now she’s been doing it.” He groaned deep in his throat as her thumb slipped around the wet dome of his cod-baby.
“I’d wager she’ll keep you busy.” His head dropped lower and his lips caressed her neck while his hands wandered under her bloozat.
“What’s more, she pulls from warriors and they don’t even notice. I was matron for her today while she was with her mother at the guild for a meeting.” She released him and removed her bloozat.
“I can see why they’d send for you. Will you be returning to your station as House Matron?” He rubbed a palm roughly over each nipple.
“I think so. Our rooms are still empty. We could move back in if you’d like.”
She sighed deeply and guided him over to a lounge. She pulled him down on top of her and let her legs fall, one each, over either side. Her lips sought his again. He complied. He leaned on one arm and used the hand of the other to caress and play with her nipples. Her twin mounds were firm and full. She sighed when he bent over and allowed his tongue to play over her skin, exhaling when he pulled first one nipple into his mouth between his moist lips then the other. His tongue made lazy circles over her nipple’s surface.
She pulled her kirtle up to her hips and raised them to meet his pleasure pole. He slid into her tunnel eagerly and without hesitation. She pulled his shirt up and over his head, letting it fall to the ground beside the lounge. She played with the soft white down which furred his chest. Resting on one arm, he slid in and out of her slowly and deliberately. She directed the chi around them into the dense cloud of his virility.
Their pace was deliberate yet urgent, slow and steady. Continuing to slip in and out of her well-lubed sheath, his head dropped down and his mouth took in a breast, as much as would fit. The nails of her one hand raked his back and the fingers of the other gripped one of his twin buns.
“Maudi, give me all of your man milk!”
He said nothing, his mouth still full of nipple and breast. She worked the other nipple with her thumb. Her tunnel gripped his rod with all her strength. As his energy rose she infused it with the chi energy she allowed through the stopcock. She siphoned his virility with her mind and swirled them both around and through them. The tempest mounted and raged as they worked their bodies together in earnest. Once the storm broke, they grunted and groaned and he collapsed on top of her. She lay there breathing heavily and he lay his head on her chest. Many flickers of a candle passed before either of them spoke.
“I think it would be a good idea for us to move back into the Main House,” he said. His fingers wandered aimlessly over her skin.
“I think so too. So, did you use your talents on the boys today?” She wrapped her legs around his and rocked slowly from side to side.
“Yup! I drained almost every ounce of virility they had and enjoyed the looks on their faces as their cod-babies shriveled up on their nuggets. They listened to me after that.” He covered her mouth with his in a demanding kiss.
“What did they do when you gathered the chi and raised their virility?” She said breaking away from his lips.
“I think they were more shocked by the decline of their koqs than they were impressed by my being able to direct chi energy.” He untangled her legs from his and moved further down on the couch. He sought her grotto with his tongue and lapped their mingled juices as a puppy does a bowl of warmed milk.
“No doubt. You codlings are all the same when it comes to your virility.” She giggled and wriggled out from under him. She jumped up from the lounge and taking him by the hand skipped down the hall, pulling him behind her.
I will give away a free copy of The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi by drawing. Please comment below with your email address if you want to enter the drawing.

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