Welcome Virginia Jennings – Author of The Alien Mind

This Friday I turn the blog over to author Virginia Jennings. 

Virginia Jennings lives in South Carolina with her husband, three kids, and two cats. She graduated from High School at 16 and was published by the time she turned 18. She is the author of two science fiction books and has plans in the works for two other books as well. Her ideal evening is spent watching Star Trek or Eureka with her family over dinner. She enjoys playing putt putt and watching the latest sci-fi or action adventure movie. She does most of her best writing in the car as her characters prefer to talk to her while she is driving. Finding time to write down what they tell her- now that is where the real challenge is! When she is not hanging out with her family or writing she also runs the ‘Where Writers And Authors Meet’ writers group online at http://www.wherewritersandauthorsmeet.webs.com or www.facebook.com/groups/wherewritersandauthorsmeet

Virginia has kindly offered a copy of The Alien Mind to a reader who will be chosen at random. If you’re interested in a copy, please let us know in the comments.

Where do you get your ideas?

Many of my ideas are born by observation. Watching how people interact with each other and wondering what about a particular person makes them act the way they act. Before you label me as the crazy person who sits on park benches staring at you and making up crazy back stories for you, don’t worry, I make up my stories in private.

I am very introverted about my stories unless I have a story line problem that I need to talk out. Most of my story development happens in my own mind. Either while I am driving or before I fall asleep every night. I have also been known to ‘write’ in the shower or while doing tedious chores like folding laundry or washing dishes.

I enjoy getting down into the meat of the emotion. Since middle schoolers and teens tend to have such heightened emotions due to their development I really enjoy writing about characters who are 11 and up. It seems at that age any little argument becomes the end of the world, and friendships run deeper at that age. Even at the older teenage age (think 17-19), these young adults are making decisions that will shape the entire rest of their lives.

Do you have only one WIP, or do you bounce around between projects?

I prefer to bounce around between projects. Right now I am working on illustrating two childrens books, and writing two books of my own. The projects I am illustrating I prefer to not take the liberty of announcing. However, my two books I am perfectly comfortable telling you about.

The first book on my list has been a little derailed while I illustrate the two childrens books. This book I am planning will be a coffee table style book of funny observations. I am at the illustration stage with this book hence the hold up.

The second book I can work on anywhere as I tend to mull it over in my mind before I put anything down on paper. You can find out more about this book on my blog under the WIP- The White Knight section. A jolt of inspiration has turned it from mainly fantasy into a fantasy/science fiction blend. It will be a story about a group of planets at war with each other over the availability of their natural resources, plus throw in a little Superman/Lois Lane style romance/mystery. It has been a long time in the making and should turn out pretty cool!

Do you believe in love at first sight or just lust at first sight?

I believe in both actually. However, as a christian AND a Juvenile Fiction writer I feel I should elaborate on that. Lust at first sight is probably not something one should follow up on in fiction or in real life. Without finding something real and lasting about a person that you enjoy it will make it easy for the relationship to dwindle or worse, make the other person feel like you are only with them for their looks.

I believe in love at first sight but not in the way disney characters spy each other from across the room and instantly fall in love. Love at first sight for me is getting to know someone over the phone or e-mail and THEN meeting them and realizing that you feel comfortable in their presence. In my storytelling, I prefer for the characters to get to know each other and then ‘realize’ slowly that their relationship has grown into something deeper.

As both of my current books are about young kids written for kids there is not much romance going on. In Visionary From The Stars the characters are all just friends. The Alien Mind keeps Rivinaig and Daniel as friends but perhaps a deeper friendship as they learn to depend on one another and place their lives into each others hands.

Excerpt from The Alien Mind:

Rivi opened her eyes and placed a hand on the edge of the patient’s cot to steady herself. The world around her seemed to be spinning with her at it’s center. Feeling slightly nauseous, She shook her groggy head and the world soon steadied itself.  She looked up across the cot and the patient lying there to discover that there were five healers of different species looking at her in shock.
Rivi frowned and looked up at Dan who was also ‘coming to’. He watched absently as the Gront patient laying on the cot in front of him slowly awoke. The blisters and boils on his face slowly disappeared and the Gront sat up as if nothing was wrong. Dan continued staring blankly at the cot.
“How do you feel?” One of the Aunantite healers asked.
“I feel fine… Thanks!” The Gront replied as he jumped off of the cot and ran happily out of the tent.
“Dan?” Rivi queried still watching him.
Dan blinked his eyes and turned to look at her. A smile spread across his face.
“Huh? Oh, I’m fine… I best get back to work,” He replied with a laugh.
“Go ahead you! Just don’t scare me like that again,” Rivi exclaimed laughing, pushing him playfully on the shoulder.
       She shook her head as he laughed.

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