Why I love the good and the bad when it comes to feedback

I always read emails from readers. 
First – I’m not going to thank you for your prayers. I’m a deist that firmly believes in reincarnation and karma so it’s a bit of a wasted effort from where I stand philosophically. I’m a good person because I want to be a good person and not because I’m being watched by some divine peeping Tom. Also – that I write literotica means I write literotica and not that I’m damned. I also write chapter books, YA, traditional romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. 
I read all emails from readers for the genuine feedback. 
Good and bad I like feedback. 
Genuine feedback. 
The “you suck because you wrote something better than I ever could and I’m actually really jealous so I’m writing this hateful little rant to try to make you feel some of my pain and share my inadequacies” emails are really transparent and kind of sad. 
But I still read them because someone took the time to write them and honestly I just feel a little sad for people that need to lash out for attention. 
The genuine feedback is what matters. 
For the positive feedback I do love the Livia Love Fest letters. Those really make my heart soar. I received one just about two weeks ago that made the time, the stress, the permanent laugh lines, and the sore neck worth the effort. Sometimes one of these hits my inbox just when I need it. And I keep them. 
For the constructive feedback I’m grateful. Feedback doesn’t steer the course of my writing, but it does give me an idea whether or not I’m on the right track. It also helps me know if I’ve made a glaring error that needs to be pointed out to me. 
One of my Beta readers pointed out to me that I made a very blatant allusion to something very inappropriate in Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Seven. Here’s the kicker – I didn’t even realize I had done it. When I went back and read the sentence as another person might, I was shocked. She was absolutely right. I’d inadvertently written something that could be read as very insulting. 
Yikes! I’m not above having a character act like a pig as long as it’s keeping with their personality, but I don’t want to inadvertently veer down that road. Unless it is purposeful, I don’t feel a need to go there.
For the negative feedback, if it’s genuine and not just meanspirited, I am thankful for that too. I don’t like it, but it adds to the dialog.

This is why I love feedback.

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