Welcome Shiralyn Lee – Author of The Dark Cully’s Mistress and many many more fantastic books!!!

I am so pleased to welcome back one of my favorite people, author Shiralyn Lee. I first came across Shiralyn in the writing circles we both run around in and through recommendations from reader friends. Her first title I read The Submissive Scullery Maid might not be as well known as The Dark Cully’s Mistress but it will probably always be my favorite – and not just because of that awesome title! 
Who is Shiralyn Lee? Let’s find out… 
Who is my favourite author?
I absolutely love Pat Califia, she opened the doors to write about pain sluts. I also like Sophie Kinsella, Sarah Waters, although I haven’t read any Sarah Waters books, I have watched the adaptations of her works on T.V.
Do you already know what to write next?
Yes. I have a short story coming out very soon. Just waiting for the book cover to be designed. It’s based on a lesbian FBI agent. She has some personal issues with her girlfriend but also has to solve a case with a young woman who was found tied up like a wild dog in a back garden. The woman does not speak but it is apparent that she has been living this way, at the hands of a monster, for quite a few years.
Describe your writing style.
I normally write in the first person sense, but, I have also written in the third person too. My work is lesbian genre and I have written stories that range from Victorian throught to modern day. They also range from light comedy erotica through to hardcore BDSM. The choice is yours 🙂
Do you have only one WIP or do you bounce around between projects?
I have 3 on the go. Case 321, the FBI story, Ruby Tipped Globes, an early eighteenth  century story about a female highway robber and A Victorian Romance, Lily finds herself following her fiance to Canada only to find that she is in love with his sister.
How do you feel about self publishing?
From my own personal experience, I am glad that I self published. I am my own boss, I set the price, I set the hours that I work, I set the deadlines/publishing dates. The less people who take a cut out of my hard work, the better. This may not be the point of others who have gone down the trad route and may not be for all who write. I just know that I prefer to be my boss.
Do you have a favourite character from your books?
I absolutely, hands down, love and adore Annie Smith, from The Dark Cully’s Mistress. This book is set in the Victorian era and is about a prostitute who is taken in by Mr. Rotherham and lives as his mistress in comfort. But then she meets his wife, Rose. Let the lesbian drama begin. This story is written through Annie’s narration with Cockney slang. The character, the storyline, the setting, everything about this book, whether you are straight or gay, will draw you in.

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