Recently Unearthed for Week Eight

Okay I’m starting to get into my groove and figure out how to keep all of the balls up in the air. To that end, I’m back to my regular blog schedule after a move this past weekend from WordPress to Blogger (which is a whole different post on the switch and the reasons behind it). So it’s Wednesday and that means reposting blogs I found new and noteworthy during the previous week. Here is a roundup of some of the blog posts that caught my attention.

From Bestseller Labs by Jonathan Gunson. I’ve found more than one post on this blog about writing and publishing that’s worth sharing. I can guarantee that there will be more forthcoming. 7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Book Sales Without EvenRealizing It

My struggle continues to figure out the use of Twitter beyond complaining about Dublin Bus Drivers trying to kill me. I do love Twitter for that! I have two Twitter is Great sites this week. The first – Twitter Marketing: How to Use Twitter for Business. The second site is the one of the two I recommend the most. The author and blog host Laura Pepper Wu at 30 Day Books has a friendly approachable style that feels like a chum is patiently standing over my shoulder trying to gently ease me into the Twitter-verse.  How can I use Twitter to market my book? Twitter for authors who “don’t get it”. Expect to see more from this site. I’m a fan. 

I’ve been torn about swag and the purpose it serves when it comes to book promotions. Expect a few posts about it as I try to make up my mind. The first of two links today comes from Roni Lauren. Does Swag Sell Books? The second link is from Black Velvet Seductions Blog for Readers. Does Swag Sell Books? Do you Even LikeSwag? Cover postcards and bookmarks I get – especially if you only sell your books in electronic format and you need something to sign for your readers. The rest I just don’t. What do you think? Are you more likely to buy a book because you get a little something something to go along with it? Or do you find it the sort of stuff you’re going to pitch the next time you clean out your desk? 

That’s it for this week. Let me know what you think about swag and if you have suggestions for sites. The Marketing Maven will be back soon and hopefully I’ll find all of those blog posts that got lost in the transfer. 
Love -Livia 

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