Photo Shoot by Aphrodite Smiles

My lovely friend Aphrodite Smiles wrote the following short. I’m so pleased to be able to share. Please enjoy this steamy little short! If you’d like to learn more about her, follow the link! Aphrodite Smiles

Photo Shoot

by Aphrodite Smiles

I arrived at the photo shoot early, and looked around for a familiar face. As I scanned the room, I spotted the photographer; he was wearing a white shirt — untucked – blue jeans, and flip flops on his feet. As I do with most of the photographers I work with, I went over to discuss what he was aiming for in this particular shoot. He began to explain his idea, he was very focussed on what he wanted, and I had a good feeling about him. He had nice hands, and he seemed to caress his camera as he held it, whether he was loading film, changing lenses, or almost blindly adjusting settings. He also seemed to be looking deep inside me, as we discussed business. I was slightly turned on by the way he handled his camera, and the way he looked at me, and spoke softly and assuredly. We both felt the strong attraction to one another, and I suppose that’s probably why the shoot was so successful that day. I was very happy with his direction, and he was very happy with the outcome. Or rather, the way we seemed to silently communicate with each other…
We inevitably made plans to meet for drinks later that evening at the hotel bar. We flirted and laughed over drinks. He brought his contact sheets that night, and he pointed out the “looks” I was giving him in some frames. I was happy that my messages did not go by unnoticed. The sexual tension between us was also something that did not go by unnoticed, by neither one of us. We kept rubbing knees under the bar, and leaning into each other. I felt myself quiver each time he reached over and touched my hair. I imagined my lips being the rim of his Martini glass as he sensuously sipped his drink. I absent-mindedly fingered the stem of my wine glass. When I noticed his eyes looking at my fingers, I imagined that I was fondling something else instead of my glass.
Both of us were now feeling a little tipsy; I myself felt drunk with desire. I put my hand on his thigh, and pulled him towards me. He leaned in close and both of our gazes were fixed on each others’ lips as we slowly inched closer to each other, and our lips finally made contact. It was a soft kiss, our lips barely touching, the tip of his tongue barely making contact with the tip of mine. His hot breath stoked the fire inside me. I imagined him breathing on my neck, my shoulders, my breasts, my belly… He pulled his face back slightly, looked me straight in the eyes, but didn’t say a word.
“Yes, please,” I barely pushed the words out.
He took the last swig of his Martini, and as he threw his head back, I mentally ran my tongue along his sexy neck, as I absorbed him over the rim of my wine glass. We stood up from the bar stools, and he took my hand as he led the way. I didn’t know where we were going, but one thing I knew for sure, my panties were wet.
“Your room or mine?” he asked, as we waited for the elevator, kissing and nibbling each others lips, ears, necks, fingertips.
“Neither,” I said, as I pressed the button to the sauna. “Up for a hot one?” I asked. “At this hour, there shouldn’t be anyone there. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves.”
“Sure,” he smiled.
When we arrived at the sauna, it was deserted, as I expected. He pointed me to the locker rooms.
“You might want to slip out of that sexy dress you’re wearing,” he said. “Meet me back here.” And with that, he pulled me to him and our lips crashed into each other, our tongues wildly dancing, as we both anticipated what was about to happen. I pushed my body up against him, as he supported himself against the wall. I pressed my pelvis into his, and could feel his rock-hard dick against my mound. I pressed so hard that I felt a delectable pain. His hand had now reached underneath my dress and he had grabbed my ass, pulling me even closer to him, deliciously hurting me even more…
I peeled myself away from him and said, “Fuck the lockers,” as I opened the door to the sauna and pulled him in. We began to strip off our clothes immediately, our lips never leaving each others’. The heat in the sauna was so thick, we had to be careful not to bump into it as we made our way towards the corner of the room. The moisture that formed on our writing bodies acted as a lubricant. We climbed the steps in the sauna, removing pieces of clothing along the way. Once his pants were off, I reached my hand down and wrapped my fingers around his hard-on. He let out a moan as I squeezed him, while our tongues continued to play with one another. He cupped his hands behind my head as he kissed me and moaned as I continued to rub his dick, back and forth, fingering his balls. He led me to sit down, gently eased me back and proceeded to lay down on top me. I continued to push myself up against him. He pulled back and looked at me laying there.
“I want you so badly,” he whispered, with an intense look in his eyes. He then reached down and licked my neck. I involuntarily thrust my chest up, hoping to meet his lips, his tongue, as it was traveling sensuously down my neck, it’s final destination, all around my body. I licked my lips and could taste the salt of my sweat mixed with his, left behind on my face from the last few moments we spent devouring each other. His lips met my nipples, as my chest heaved up further to meet his mouth. He gently grabbed hold of my nipple with his teeth, and flicked his tongue back and forth, before eventually sucking my nipple right into his mouth. I felt a bolt of electricity shoot through me as he surprised me by gently running his finger over my slit, on top of the black panties that I was still wearing. He then pulled my panties to the side, and ran his finger, skin on skin, along my drenched pussy.
“You’re so wet,” he uttered, as he continued his oral journey down towards my belly. My body was trembling at the anticipation. I wanted to feel his lips on my freshly shaved lips. He breathed close to my skin as his lips and tongue made a deliberately slow journey towards the hottest part of my body. When he finally arrived, he took one long lick from the bottom to the top of my dripping pussy, lapping up my juices, “Mmm.. you taste so good,” he mumbled. He kept his lips right on my clit as he spoke, creating an electric vibration. My hips thrust upwards, clinging to his lips, and I felt a mini orgasm shoot right through me. He continued to kiss and lick my clit as he slid a finger inside me, rubbing in and out. Each stroke made me smile, and I
could feel the intensity mounting, wet flowing once more out of my glistening pussy. With his face buried deep in my crotch, his other hand grabbed my hips and pinched as he pulled me closer. His fingers were moving in and out of me, his thumb on my clit, his fingers poking my ass every now and then, at random, giving me unexpected shots of added pleasure. I felt his tongue now lapping up my slick pussy, every part that was not taken care of by his hands was being stroked with his tongue. He pushed his tongue harder against my smooth lips, sucking and pulling, then moving towards my rigid clit, flicking back and forth, sucking me into his mouth, his fingers still stroking me deep inside. “Mmm”, he moaned again against me, the humming vibrating through every nerve in my swollen clit, bringing me to a full-fledged explosion. My body quivered as I came on his face.
At that point, I grabbed his hair and pulled him up to my face. We swallowed each others’ kisses, our hands traveling all over our slick bodies. I pushed him up against the wall and sat on the step one level below him. I took his hard cock in my hands and, as he rested his head back up against the wall. My hungry lips enveloped his hard shaft, taking him completely into my hot mouth, and then sliding my lips back up to the tip. I grabbed him and pulled him deeper into my face, my tongue all over his cock, caressing it and drawing it further in.
Suddenly, as I was busy enjoying every part of his gorgeous dick, I heard the door open behind me. His hand was on my head, directing the speed of my movements, so I waited for his direction. Nothing changed. I heard the bare footsteps of a third person in the sauna with us. Still, no indication to stop. The stranger sat down across from us. Knowing that there was someone in there with us made my pussy throb, and I could tell by the throbbing of his cock that he didn’t seem to mind the company either.
“Please, don’t mind me,” I heard a low male voice. I looked up at my photographer. He looked down at me, his eyes half-open, and nodded to me that he was okay. I then placed my hands on his knees and spread his legs. I tightened my grip around his cock, my tongue in constant contact with his entire member, from his balls to his hard shaft, to his pulsing, dripping head. I stroked his butt with my finger as I ravenously sucked him. I could feel his hands in my hair, I could hear his moans, as I felt his cock throb harder and harder, his balls getting tight. “Ahhhhhhhh,” he moaned, as I felt his hot cum shoot inside my hot mouth. He was on fire as he spasmed and held on tightly to my hair. I held my head against him as he pumped himself into me. I inhaled deeply, taking in his scent, as he jerked and trembled, on display to our stranger.
I lapped up every last drop as I carefully cleaned up the mess I had made. As I did so, I looked over to my right and saw our stranger was lying down with his eyes closed. He was smiling. We then slowly got up, picked up our clothes and headed for the showers…
In the locker room, I tied my wet hair back in a slick ponytail, and pulled my black dress over my head. I got my lipstick out of my purse, leaned in close and applied a fresh coat of my favorite red. I gave myself one last look, put my lipstick and my panties in my purse and left the locker room. He was waiting for me outside in the hallway. We smiled at each other, as he reached for my hand and led the way.
“Where to?” he asked me.
“Home,” I said, as I reached into my purse once again and handed him our car keys.

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