Sport of Kings

Sport of Kings is coming out (did I just make a little joke?) on January 21st from Liquid Silver.

Alejandro, a young Argentinean polo player, finds the sultry hot first love he’s longed for in the cold Russian winter. When he travels to Saint Petersburg to join a private polo team, he meets Marcus, the American coach whose graceless charm is the perfect complement to his refinement. Alejandro’s first sexual experience is a first in another way for Marcus; for once, he’s with a man he doesn’t automatically eject from his life. Alejandro isn’t the only one to fall in love for the first time after their long weekend together snowed in. Before Marcus realizes it, he’s in just the sort of relationship he never wanted, and it scares him. World weary and bored, Marcus falls for the younger Alejandro utterly and completely. Then he discovers with love comes insecurity, jealousy, and fear. Only when it might be too late does Marcus realize to love someone utterly, it is also necessary to trust them completely.

Sport of Kings – Available on January 21st

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