Pole Dancer Name Wanted – Suggestions Welcome!

I had dinner with a good friend this week. As he does, he asked me how the writing was going. I told him about my sales, the promo I’m doing this weekend, the series I’m working on, my YA dystopian, my decision to published the Juniper Grace series I’ve been working on since college… Oh… and about all the crazy stalkers I’ve attracted on Facebook. So many guys that just want to make a girl suit out of me. So many of them!!!

He’s friends with me on Facebook. He’s noticed that I have some… devoted… fans. Do I find it as disturbing as he does when I have men wanting to know what color panties I wear? Yes – possibly more. He’s not sure about that. Then there was something about me writing erotica being the equivalent to blood in the water for the sharks. The question then is, what am I doing about this? I unfriend these people immediately after taking a picture of their wall and jotting down whatever information I can about them.

He suggested we should come up with a safe word (I’m to ask him about our friend Johnny if he ever calls and I have a lunatic in my home) and perhaps invest in some pepper spray and a large dog. He made a good point last night. I probably shouldn’t be publishing erotica under my name. I need a stage name. Something I can use if the writing doesn’t work out and I really do need to turn to exotic dancing to make a living. I do not mention that I did try pole dancing (thank you Dr. Lulu for talking me into that hour I’ll never get back) and I failed. I nearly concussed myself. As it turns out, pole dancing is not nearly as easy as it looks and the spinning upside down part is only for the initiated and very limber.

It’s not that he’s uptight or has a problem with what I’ve been spending the bulk of my time writing lately, it’s that it might be bad for me professionally and for the living and breathing part of me. I like being alive. I also spend my time in a very conservative place. I don’t think the people associate with directly would have an issue with what I write, but the institution as a whole might. The chances that anyone would put together that I’m that Livia Ellis and this Livia Ellis are probably so far from probable that it will happen.

But that’s not my only reason for wanting a pen name for my erotica. When else in my life am I going to have an opportunity to invent a name for myself out of whole cloth? I have no plans to take up pole dancing or become a drag queen so I will never require a crazy stage name. This is my chance. This is the moment I can unabashedly call myself Crystall de la Faal.

Some of my personal favorites which have already been suggested to me today:
Miss Spelling
Miss Understood
Anita Cocktail
Helen Heels
Anita Mann
Luce Change
Amanda Taunt

PLEASE send me any suggestions you might have. At the moment I’m loving Anita Mann.

3 thoughts on “Pole Dancer Name Wanted – Suggestions Welcome!

  1. You should definitely be writing under an assumed name. I also suggest a rare name since I think it makes it easier for your fans to find you. Anita Mann might be too common. Sinta Claws might be better j/k. but a name that isn’t taken is good. First names like Sinta, Sharday, Livid, Jellis, etc. matched with a real last name perhaps. Google Anita Mann before you decide to use it.

  2. Hmm . . . not sure about Anita Mann either darling. Not for Rushmore’s reasoning re commonality, but rather because some of the very people you wish to distance yourself from, might read it as “I need a man” !!!
    But, seriously, you MUST have a pen name!! I’d naively thought you already did! But it really is a MUST. I have only been blogging my diary on-line for less than a year, but almost immediately started receiving “silly” emails and messages. I KNOW my subject matter is a little different, but you SIMPLY MUST be careful and cautious.
    As for a suitable pen name, obviously the choice is yours and I’m sure you will come up with something that you feel fits, but are any of the above really right from your point of view?
    (Oh, and re the pole-dancing, you are so right about it not being as easy as it looks. I, foolishly, briefly tried at our swingers club one evening and immediately wished I hadn’t!!!)

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