Author Denesha Sheree – The Queen of Novellas

Beginning this Friday, I’ll be offering up my blog to writers, reviewers, editors, agents, publishers, and readers. My first guest, the undeniably lovely Denesha Sheree…

There are some of us, who pens are destined to touch the minds and hearts of others. There are some of us who are talented, but will go undiscovered because we are too afraid to rock the boat in the literary world. I am Author Denesha Sheree, but some call me the Queen of Novella’s. I introduced my wild and twisted writing style in 2010 with a Novella that taught me a lot about the industry of writing. I say this because I ran head first into a steel wall in terms of editing and being with a publisher, who didn’t have me in their best interest. Most success comes from our failures. The second time around I rocked the world of many readers by introducing a novella called “The Yellow Clutch Society” which ended up in the hands of a Caucasian suburban mom book club, to the average girl or boy next door, and became popular amongst secret societies. I wasn’t surprised that my writing style would grab a more mature crowd of all different ethnicities, but I was surprised that I am placed in a box of Urban Street Literature, even after being placed under suspense, thriller and erotica. Look, I just want to write. My goal is to allow my readers to be seduced by my words, receive a message, and read a novella that have them sitting on the edge of their bed, waiting to turn the next page, waiting to get the next hit, and rolling over in the middle of the night tapping there mate to say “ Ey, are you sleep”, (laughing) we all know what that means. For me as an Author, It make me feel good to have people say, “Hey you know what, I never read anything like that before, it was like a thriller, erotic, mysterious read. I really enjoyed it, when is the next one coming out? The Dynasty of Novella’s will be a site full of reads for my readers to escape their hard day at work, or relieve their mind of whatever is going on around them. I wanted to write these crazy suspenseful, lustful but tasteful tales, which start fast and end fast. With that being said, I don’t have the type of writing style to be placed in a box, so STOP PLEASE. Just read and enjoy!

When I wrote the Yellow Clutch Society, I knew it would be the one to put me on the map and seal in my style of writing that could never be duplicated. I am not the type of author that is afraid to push the envelope. I am going to explore a Darker Side of Romance. Next up for me is the release of A TALE OF TWO NOVELLA’S, which will include “Damon’s Die-Nasty and Mirror’s Mirror”, followed by “Ring Burial.” I thank You Livia Ellis for allowing me to share my dream on your blog, it was such an honor. Readers can reach me at you tube Author Denesha Sheree. All Novellas can be purchased at Amazon/Barnes& Noble and paperback at my website above.

Hugs and Sugas

Author Denesha Sheree

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